SNA Certificate Program

Earn Your SNA Certificate in Three Simple Steps

Earning your Level 1, Level 2 or Level 3 SNA Certificate in School Nutrition shows your commitment
to your profession and helps you stay current on the job. SNA’s Certificate Program is based on the
standards of practice in the four key areas of the Keys to Excellence Program and, effective July 1,
2015 SNA’s Certificate Program is aligned with USDA Professional Standards. There are 3 simple
steps to achieving your SNA Certificate in School Nutrition.

Step 1: Academic Experience & Requirements

First determine if you have met all the academic experience and requirements for the certificate
level that you would like to apply for. The initial requirements and annual CEU requirements for
each of the 3 levels are listed in this guide.

Step 2: Documentation & Payment

Gather copies of all your documents for the certificate level that you are applying for.
Individuals applying for a Level 2 or Level 3 Certificate in School Nutrition will be required
to submit a copy of their High School Diploma/GED along with course documentation,
application form and payment.

Once you have determined that you qualify for a specific certificate Level, complete and
submit the application form, along with the fee and documentation to the address listed
on the form. (Please allow 4-6 weeks for your application to be processed).

Step 3: Celebrate!

Upon approval of your application, SNA will send you a verification letter to confirm you earned your SNA
Certificate in School Nutrition.

Certification Changes-May15

New Certificate Program Guide Sept 15