Calendar of Events - 2018-2019



2018 – 2019 Calendar



January 2019

January 13-15                           School Nutrition Industry Conference                 Austin, TX

January 31                                Lynn Harvey 1st Timer Scholarship App. Due      Shirley Pelletier

February 2019

February 2                              District 4 Meeting

February 4                               Spring Arrow Deadline                                     Dawn Roth

February 7                              District 7 Meeting

February 8                               Board of Directors Meeting                            Bermuda Run (Hampton)

February 24-26                        SNA Legislative Action Conference                     Washington DC

February 28                             100% Membership Entries Due                          Dawn Roth

March 2019

March (entire month)                 Membership Campaign                                     Joanne Kirven

March 1                                    Manager of the Year Entry Due                          Shirley Pelletier

March 1                                    Director of the Year Entry Due                           Shirley Pelletier

March 1                                    Employee of the Year Entry Due                        Shirley Pelletier

March 4-8                                 National School Breakfast Week           

March 9                                    District 2 Meeting                                          Anne Ohlson

March 15                                  Manager of the Year Entry Due                           Shirley to Vanessa Hayes

March 15                                  Director of the Year Entry Due                            Shirley to Vanessa Hayes

March 15                                  Employee of the Year Entry Due                         Shirley to Vanessa Hayes

March 23                                  District 1 Meeting                                           Melanie Dattero

March 30                                  District 6 Meeting                                           Heather Perry


April 2019

April 5                                       Strategic Planning Meeting                          Greensboro (Koury)

April 27                                     District 8 Meeting                                          Stephanie Hall

April 30                                     Mary Long Beasley Nominations                         Shirley Pelletier


May 2019                                                                                                                                                                 

May 1                                       Martha Gomer SPIRIT Award Due                       Shirley Pelletier                        

May 1                                       SNA of NC Scholarship App. Due                       Shirley Pelletier

May 1                                       Chapter of the Year Awards Due                        Shirley Pelletier

May 1                                       Lunch Bell Awards Due                                      Shirley Pelletier

May 1                                       Partner in Education Award Due                         Shirley Pelletier

May 1                                       Tim Greene Memorial Scholarship App. Due       Shirley Pelletier

May 1                                       Gene Causby Memorial Scholarship App Due     Shirley Pelletier

May 3                                       School Lunch Hero Day

May 9-11                                   National Leadership Conference                         Sarasota, FL

May 17                                     Committee Day                                                Greensboro (Koury)


June 2019

June 1                                      President’s Award of Excellence Due                  Amy to SNA

June 17(Monday)                      Board of Directors Meeting                             Greensboro (Koury)

June 18                                     Chapter Leadership                                           Greensboro (Koury)

June 19                                     New Horizons Trade Show                                 Greensboro (Koury)

June 19 (Wednesday)                Delegate Assembly                                          Greensboro (Koury)

June 19-20                                SNA-NC Annual Conference                              Greensboro (Koury)

June 21 (Friday)                        Board of Directors Meeting                             Greensboro (Koury)


July 2019

July 14-16                                 SNA Annual Conference                                    St. Louis, MO